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Constant Contact is an online contact management service with options to follow-up with your contacts via an email newsletter, promotion, event invitation, or to send them online surveys – an easy way to connect with your possible (or existing) customers and find out what you could do to improve their experience with your company.

Some of Constant Contact‘s main features:

  • Email Personalization option (you can define what name/address/email to use for sending the emails as it is mandatory to include in each email your complete address – CAN SPAM act – email has to be verified before using it through Constant Contact)
  • Option to Preview emails and send test emails to a designated address
  • Spell check (12 languages) and anti-spam check (based on spam rules)
  • Option to schedule the delivery of the email (send immediatelly, or set up to send at specific dates/times)
  • Possibility to choose from over 200 email newsletter templates
  • Option to use your own HTML code for the email template
  • It generates automatically text versions (you don’t have to define a HTML and a text version, only HTML will suffice)
  • You can integrate PayPal click-to-buy option (uses the PayPal api)
  • Option to set up Amazon ASIN promotion
  • Possibility to import a list of contacts (automatic from a .csv file, or manual copy/paste list of emails – email addresses that you add are not checked for validity by sending a confirmation email)
  • Microsoft® Outlook® & Outlook Express® Quick Import plug-in
  • Insert visitor sign-up form option (only one sign-up form per account, which is a problem if you have more than one website)
  • Create up to 15 custom fields with information saved from contacts
  • Bounces are processed automatically
  • List can be segmented based on filters
  • “Do not mail” list with users that will never receive an email again from you
  • Host up to 5 images free (premium image hosting is paid separately)
  • Open & Click tracking
  • Sent email archive (hosted by Constant Contact)
  • SafeUnsubscribe management with Unsubscribe comments box
  • “Send page to a friend” link, “Refer a Friend” banner
  • Free phone, email, chat support

Pricing information (contact their online website for updated pricing):

Email List Size

Monthly Fee

No. of Contacts Email Plan Email Plus Plan
0-500 $20 $45
501-2,500 $35 $60
2,501-5,000 $55 $80
5,001-10,000 $85 $110
10,000+ Call for Special Pricing

Constant Contact also offers a free account however that’s a trial for 60 days. During that time you can test-drive basically all the features of the Email Plus plan, but when that expires you must either pay for a tier or just stop using them and move your contacts elsewhere. Below is a fine-grain comparison between the 3 paid tiers they have – pricing information is the same as the one presented above, however the Personal Marketer plan starts at almost $120/month.

FEATURE Email Email Plus Personal Marketer
Unlimited Email Campaigns. Professional-looking email campaigns like newsletters, press releases, coupons, and more. YES YES YES
Contact Management and List Building Tools YES YES YES
Reporting. Detailed tracking and reporting on all of your campaigns, with tips on what to do next. See everything from campaign highlights down to every action: who clicked, opened, forwarded, and shared your emails. Plus Campaigns also provide stats on purchases, registrations, redemptions, new customer growth, and more. YES YES YES
Image and File Storage 1GB 2GB Unlimited
Number of Users 1 3 10
Free Coaching and Support YES YES YES
Plus Campaigns. Event registration, facebook promotion, local deals, survey campaigns and more that include email, an online landing page, and end-to-end reporting. Available for purchase Unlimited Unlimited
Event Promotion & Registration $50 per use YES YES
Facebook Promotions $50 per use YES YES
Surveys $50 per use YES YES
Coupons $50 per use YES YES
Donations $50 per use YES YES
Local Deals $50 per use YES YES
Quick Start. Let one of our experts get you started by uploading and segmenting your contacts, setting you up for list growth, and designing a customized template for you $199 $199 YES
Facebook and Instagram Photo Integration  NO YES YES
Campaign Design. We’ll design an email using elements from your website – your logo, color scheme and links to key web and social media pages. Not available for Plus Campaigns.   NO YES YES
Autoresponders. Set up a series of personalized, pre-scheduled emails that will be sent to a contact after they are added to a list. Use an autoresponder to welcome new contacts, introduce your business, send educational information, showcase a product or service, inform members/donors, and more.   NO YES YES
Personal Marketing Manager. A single point of contact who executes your Toolkit marketing activities, advises you on marketing best-practices, and helps you improve results.   NO   NO YES
Dedicated Assistance   NO   NO YES
Design and Formatting Service   NO   NO YES
Best Practices Consultation   NO   NO YES
Contact Management and List Growth Service   NO   NO YES

9 Total Score
A leader in email marketing but too strict

Constant Contact is one of the older and most popular services launched and while I see their feature list is what draws many people to it, I consider their sending policies to be too strict. Every contact must be double-checked and everytime you send an email campaign you risk of being verified again to see how your contacts subscribed. While this is appealing for consumers, email marketers will find this a nuisance.

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